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Strength & Conditioning



Strength & Conditioning.


"Becoming a Supple Leopard"


Elite Coaching for general Health & Vitality.


Improve functional fitness following the science of PilogaFit.


Build on safe selected postures from Pilates, Yoga, and Fitness proven exercise.


Plus add to body weight resistance training.


Progress with kettlebells, bar bells, fit balls, resistance bands etc.


Available for individuals and small groups in the Wells Somerset area or online.


Train in your own home/garden. (Little space required) 

No gym needed.






Dr Kelly Starrett (Author of "Becoming a Supple Leopard" and CrossFit fame - Forging Elite Fitness)

He also puts into practice the the science and evidence of Dr Stuart McGill.


He confirms the spine top priority .....


1 "Spinal Stability over everthing else".


2 "One - Joint Rule.

Flexion and Extension (bending) should occur only in your hips and shoulders, not your spine"


3 "Stay safe".





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01749 672482


News              CORE STABILITY EXERCISE CLASSES Online  Any age or ability* 

*All Hall classes suspended






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