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Core Stability - Functional Fitness



Core Stability (Functional Fitness) is a major outcome from PilogaFit exercise classes.


The core is best defined as the whole spine including the neck, plus pelvis and hips.


The goal is to move safely, effectively and pain free in all situations.


The spine is like the chasis of a car and the shoulders and hips are like the wheels.


We need mobility (dynamic stability) in the shoulders, cervical/thoracic spine & hips. With stability in the lumbar spine (Low back)

The lumbar spine is often a cause of pain

In particular, the following muscles involved in the low back need to be regularly trained to become and stay resilient.



Local stabilisers

Transversus abdominus

Internal oblique

Pelvic floor muscles


Psoas major (Posterior fibres)

Quadratus lumborum




Global stabilisers

External oblique

Psoas major (Anterior fibres)

Gluteus maximus & medius

Iliocostalis lumborum

Lumbar longissimus



Global mobilisers - Provide trunk/pelvic dynamic stability

Rectus abdominus 

Rectus femoris

Psoas major (Anterior fibres)


latissimus dorsi


The local stabilising muscles work best when the spine is kept in the neutral joint position (natural curve in the spine) and the abdominal muscles are activated just 20%, Then the seven muscles can act together like guy ropes to a tent pole, to maitain the integrity of the back. However, these muscles often tend to become weak and don't provide the required feed-forward protection. There is therefore a need for specific speciality core stability training and to avoid forward bending (flexing) of the spine (McGill)


Exercises based on the science and recommendations of Dr Stuart McGill provide the essential Mobility, Stability and Endurance of the core. With this achieved, Strengthening of the Core is the next step.

Systematic progression is the only safe process, following the new science of fit.








Following the principles and theory of mindfulness through somatic education, the nervous system is the focus of organising muscles and movement.

This approach is particularly benefitial in reducing and eliminating pain.

Improve spatial awareness, motor control and muscle balance.
Stop rounding the shoulders and spine.


Just using the brain alone Dr Michael Mosley (Trust me - I'm a Doctor) has proven major gains is calf strength.


PilogaFit harnesses the power of your  mind - body - breath connections. Plus recommendations for good nutrition.






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