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Dr Stuart McGill



"There is no one better than professor Stuart Mcill to advise on how to avoid and treat low back injuries. He has created a scientific foundation of what causes back pain that has guided clinicians around the world"

Chris Riddoch, Professor of Sport & Exercise Science, Bath University, UK  2015



Fortunately Dr Mcgill has a number of interesting topics on YouTube, which may be viewed.


In addition he has written 3 books 


Back Mechanic

Ultimate Back Fitness & Performance

Low Back Disorders


website  www.backfitpro.com


News papers have reported on his research.




The McGill  "essential exercise stages for safe progression"


Phase 1  -  PilogFit Core & Spine exercise classes relate to this level

1 Mobility (Groove motion/motor patterns and spacial awareness with corrective exercise)

2 Stability

3 Endurance


Phase 2  -  PilogaFit Plus classes relate to this level

4 Strength


Phase 3

5 Performance with Speed, Power & Agilit


Dr Stuart McGill








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01749 672482


News               NEW CORE STABILITY EXERCISE CLASS Any age or ability* Pay as you go. Drop in. No need to book. Just £5 when you attend, not when you don't.           Please bring a mat and try to arrive 10 minutes early. We always start on the dot

*All classes suspended



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