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PilogaFit  -  Spine & Core Stability Classes  -  Online  

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Hall classes suspended.




However online options via zoom


Two sessions each week 


Tai Chi Tuesday   11-11.40am

PilogaFit Friday    11-11.40am



Plus New online Zoom classes coming soon for ALL.
New starters welcome.  - The HAPPY HOUR
PilogaFit Plus  
11 - 11.40am  Wednesdays 
A slightly more demanding class in terms of weights and floor work.
Chen Tai Chi Health
11 - 11.40am Thursdays
A focus on Chen style Tai Chi essentials - Silk Reeling, Spiralling and Twining energies.
The cost of these two classes will be pay as you go £4 each, or the two per week for £7  - The cost is per household for one device. 
As other classes start. This will be the weekly fee per household.
One class  £4 
Two            £7
Three         £9
Four         £10



For Personal Training Online - either PilogaFit or Tai Chi via FaceTime, Skype etc.
You choose your time for exercise to help stay fit and healthy.





PilogaFit  exercise class structure and process


The exercises are always safe, low impact but continuously core focused for the one hour.


You always progress at a level that suits you on the day. You choose your intensity.

Classes are therefore always suitable for complete beginners, with suggested adaptions.

This mixed ability approach, will help any age or ability, benefit from their comfort zone as capacity is deveoped.


The focus is on your core stablising muscles rather than gross movement.

It's all about mastering good technique, posture and movement.

It is definitely not about over stretching or pounding your joints/spine with harmful compression. Poor form promotes muscle and movement imbalances and injury. see Muscle imbalance.


So it's  "Mobility, Stability, then Endurance" Following Dr Stuart McGill - Science based exercises.   


Class Structure

Please try to log on early to settle in and become focused/mindful

Dynamic mobility warm up/focus              - 8 mimutes

Core exercises                                         - 24 minutes

Mobility cool downs & relaxation                - 8 minutes


Please use an exercise mat​ if you have one and a weight or a bottle of water




   All classes run through school holidays but closed Bank Hoidays



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01749 672482


News              CORE STABILITY EXERCISE CLASSES Online  Any age or ability* 

*All Hall classes suspended






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