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Hall classes suspended.






2 FREE sessions each week for all existing customers via Zoom. Please email for the code.


For Personal Training Online - either PilogaFit or Tai Chi via FaceTime, Skype etc.
You choose your time to exercise to help stay healthy.
Secure payment is through PayPal.



PilogaFit  exercise class structure and process


The exercises are always safe, low impact but continuously core focused for the one hour.


You always progress at a level that suits you on the day. You choose your intensity.

Classes are therefore always suitable for complete beginners, with suggested adaptions.

This mixed ability approach, will help any age or ability, benefit from their comfort zone as capacity is deveoped.


The focus is on your core stablising muscles rather than gross movement.

It's all about mastering good technique, posture and movement.

It is definitely not about over stretching or pounding your joints/spine with harmful compression. Poor form promotes muscle and movement imbalances and injury. see Muscle imbalance.


So it's  "Mobility, Stability, then Endurance" Following Dr Stuart McGill - Science based exercises.   


Class Structure

Please try to arrive early to settle in and become focused/mindful

Dynamic mobility warm up                       -  10 mimutes

Core exercise with individual adaptions   -  40 minutes

Mobility cool downs                                  -  10 minutes


Please bring an exercise mat​ 






The Connect Centre, Chamberlain Street  BA5 2BE 


Every Monday   5.30 - 6.30pm     

Every Thursday 9.30 - 10.30am   



Mondays 12.45 - 1.45pm - PilogaFit Standing


Please see below for NEW PilogaFit standing class




St Thomas Church Hall, St Thomas Street  BA5 2UZ


Every Wednesday 5.30 - 6.30pm  Start now





Wedmore Village Hall  Cheddar Road  BS28 4EQ



Every Wednesday 10.30 - 11.30am  





NEW PilogaFit - Standing Postures only -

with elastic resistance bands provided


Connect Centre WELLS - 

Mondays 12.45 - 1.45pm



All exercises are done standing. (sitting options if required) 

soft shoes or no shoes.


So no getting down to the floor in these classes.


No exercise mat required for these classes only.


Includes using Theraband latex free elastic exercise bands.

These top therapy bands are often used in rehabilitation.


Resistance bands are ideal to strengthen and balance the core, spine, hips and shoulders and other joints.


Bands are provided for use during classes to build mobility, stability and endurance.


This class is also Dr Stuart McGill based and therefore suitable for all at different levels and abilities.





All classes

Drop in - No need to book

Pay as you go - Just £5 when you attend - Not when you don't !



Please try and arrive 10 minutes early if you can, to settle in.

All classes start on the dot


Just bring an exercise (Yoga) mat & a bottle of water 


   All classes run through school holidays but closed Bank Hoidays


New PilogaFit  - Plus

Strength & Conditioning - Coaching for individuals


For those ready and wishing to progress their Core mobility, stability and endurance fitness to their next level of strength training. This is safe only when any issues of muscle imbalance, poor posture or inappropriate movement patterns have been corrected.


Exercises that involve both sides (bilateral) of the body at the same time, often result in "locking in" and reinforcement of muscular, posture and movement imbalances.

Here is a good quote from physical therapist Gray Cook -
 "Never add strength to dysfunction."
Gray is disputing the poor idea that all one needs to do is work harder or get stronger and all of the problem areas will be corrected.
He's criticizing this harmful notion and tells you not to do it!
Often, simply getting stronger means your imbalances and dysfunctions will get worse!  
You may be stronger, but at what price did that strength come?


Focus on the next McGill phase, building super strength, only when good technique and endurance has been mastered.


Options are available for individuals who may wish to choose more aerobic and high intensity interval training or working with appropriate weights. The HIIT components should be of short duration.


So with coaching choose your own level of intensity/resistance.


Technique is paramount, as is safe exercise selection and progressions.



For individuals and small groups -


       PilogaFit - Plus


                                                       Strength & Conditioning

Contact us


01749 672482


News               NEW CORE STABILITY EXERCISE CLASS Any age or ability* Pay as you go. Drop in. No need to book. Just £5 when you attend, not when you don't.           Please bring a mat and try to arrive 10 minutes early. We always start on the dot

*All classes suspended



Connect Centre

MON     12.45 - 1.45pm

MON      5.30 - 6.30pm

THUR    9.30 - 10.30am


St Thomas Church Hall

WED       5.30 - 6.30pm



WEDMORE Village Hall

WED     10.30 - 11.30am




Strength & Conditioning options



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